Surrey Escorts on 3 Foods that will improve your libido

Can you eat for better sex? Angela from Surrey escorts is a real foodie and a great believer in that you can eat for better sex. I know so many gents who would have better sex lives if they ate better. Of course, it important what you put in your mouth, and I think about what I put into my mouth all of time. Some girls are not that select in what they put in between their lips, but I certainly am. I think that we should all think about what we put in our mouths and how much we put in our mouths.


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If you eat a lot of red meat, you are much more likely to suffer from things like Erectile Dysfunction. This disorder is not only associated with too much fat in food, it is also associated with certain pesticide residues and hormones. For instance, pork has a very high oestrogen content thanks to modern farming methods. If my gents at Surrey escorts ate more fish, they would find that they would be able to maintain erections for longer. Cold water fish such as salmon and sardines are really good for Erectile Dysfunction.



You also need to think about what fruits you eat. Some fruits such as multi-colored berries are associated with better prostate health. That is simply because they contain a lot of anti-oxidants. For instance, blueberries and blackberries contain one particular anti oxidant and fruits like currants contain another. When you put them altogether, you have a really good healthy combination. Like I keep saying to my gents at Surrey escorts, it is really important to look after your prostate health.


One fruit that we often overlook is the happy yellow banana. To me, a banana looks like a great big smile and I think that we should think of bananas happy fruit. They are packed with potassium, and that is a mineral that can lift your mood as well as many other things. Most of my gents at Surrey escorts seem to associate bananas with children but that is not true at all. We should all eat more bananas as they are really good for us.


Of course, I do not expect any of my gents at Surrey escorts to have a perfect diet. I don’t have a perfect diet, but I think it is important to try to strike a balance. Many of the gents that I date at the agency are businessmen and they also drink a bit too much. These gents should be in particular careful with their diet but I think that often kind of fall by the wayside. Drinking  a little bit is okay, but you should certainly try to limit your alcohol intake as well. Not all gents do this, but it would help if they did. A bit less alcohol would also increase their libidos.  Getting a better sex life is a good thing all around, and not that difficult to do when you stop and think about it.

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