Healthy Hair is need for Escorting

Healthy, lustrous locks are often regarded as a symbol of femininity. However, self-inflicted and environmental damage can leave hair limp, dull, and broken. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and battle against hair damage. With both preventative care and the right products, anyone can achieve the clean, healthy hair they desire.

Give hair a good start. Eating hair-healthy foods is the most basic, but often overlooked, ingredient to healthy, gorgeous hair. Hair is 97% protein, so eating protein-rich foods like salmon, eggs, and poultry are a great start to great hair. Also look for foods rich in copper, zinc, iron, B-vitamins, and vitamin A, C, and D to give hair every ingredient it needs to grow strong and healthy. Walnuts, spinach, Greek yogurt, lentils, and blueberries are all considered part of a hair-healthy diet according to

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Bleaching, perming, and dying hair is the fastest way to a dry, dull mess, but there are ways to lessen and repair the damage. Stay away from dyes that contain ammonia or peroxide, and perm treatments containing sodium hydroxide (which is the main ingredient in most drain cleaners). Generally speaking, if it can clean the bathroom, it’s probably not conducive to healthy hair.

If the damage is done, there are products that can treat and help reverse the damaging effects of these processes. A restorative shampoo can help seal split ends and breakage. Treating hair with a deep conditioner can help restore the moisture stripped away from bleaching, perming, and dying, to soften the hair and add shine.

It would be fair to say, most women will never part with their beloved blow dryer or flat iron, despite heat being a leading cause of hair damage, but then again, they don’t have to.

Applying styling products before applying heat can help protect hair, but using a heat-protecting spray can help achieve the best results. A heat-protecting spray applies a layer of silicone to the hair, which helps protect it from heat, and smoothes hair to help it lay flat. Switching to an ionic blow dryer or a silicone-emitting ceramic flat iron will also help to diminish the damage caused by heat. Adding a gloss treatment will finish a style by adding a sleek, gorgeous shine and is also great for keeping hair where it’s supposed to be in humid weather.

A good leave-in conditioner is another must-have for healthy hair. Ponytails, braids, updos, hair extensions, and weaves can cause major breakage. Leave-in conditioner will moisten and protect hair, leaving it more supple for styling and less likely to break, while helping to untangle hair for easier brushing.

Most women brush their hair on a daily basis, but this can harm hair as well. Too much brushing can cause split-ends and breakage. The key is using the right brush, and not overdoing it. A rubber-based paddle brush with synthetic bristles is usually gentlest on hair and the best bet for everyday brushing.

Sometimes cutting losses is the best treatment. Trim hair every six to eight weeks to amputate broken and split ends. This will prevent the hair from splitting further, creating flyaways and frizz.

Keeping hair healthy isn’t rocket science. With the right information and tools, anyone can achieve the hair they want. Simply treating hair with heat and chemicals less frequently can dramatically improve hair health, but for beauty, some things can’t be avoided. Using the right products can help replenish and renew for silkier, shinier and healthier hair.